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Who we are


Lisa Canning | Director

For more than 20 years, I have been entrusted to build careers and teams across Australia’s Consumer sector.  I recruit the gamut of disciplinary roles found in the engine rooms of Retail, Wholesale and eCommerce organisations of all sizes and stages of their evolution.

You will find I make a heavy investment into understanding the people and organisations I partner with and I combine this with an intrinsic commitment to treating people with respect and dignity to achieve the right results, in the right way.

Have a look at what we do for further insight into the types of roles we recruit.

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The Talent Effect Story

We founded Talent Effect in May 2020 when we saw an overwhelming demand for a different type of recruitment agency; one that operates with nimbleness, empathy, connection and full accountability.  Talent Effect was born from our shared philosophy that connecting talent to the right career opportunities has lasting effects that ripple into people’s futures and the organisations they work for. 

Our butterfly logo is carefully chosen to represent our belief that small things can have large impacts.  It also reflects our belief in the potential of others and their ability to emerge as different versions of themselves when they are placed into the right environments.  The ‘talent effect’ is real, and we are privileged to play a part in making it happen.

At an economic time where the face of employment and work is changing, we see the opportunity for the combined force and maturity of our recruitment expertise coupled with our care for people to make a difference.

We are crystal clear about the vision, mission and values that underpin Talent Effect, because they encapsulate why and how we do what we do, every day - spoken from our hearts.

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Our Vision | Our Why

We believe in the potential and dignity of people.


What we do

We search, source, engage, understand, and recruit the talent that will positively effect careers and companies, Australia-wide.  We take a long-term view to our approach, ensuring that every introduction we make is a good meeting of the minds, regardless of the outcome.

We specialise in the Consumer sector including Retail, Wholesale, eCommerce, FMCG and Services.  Our immersion in all facets of our sector allows us to stay at the cutting-edge of industry developments and trends. Talking to the talent that makes the Consumer sector in this country thrive, we know who’s who.  We also know who to ask to find the talent that we need to know about.

The roles we recruit mirror the organisational structures of our partners with a strong emphasis on evolving disciplinary areas such as Digital and eCommerce.

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Digital & eCommerce

GM Digital

GM eCommerce

eCommerce Trading - including Product Information Management, CX/UX, Campaign Management

Digital Performance - including Digital Marketing, CRM, SEO, Paid, Social and Search, Loyalty, Customer Retention, EDM, Marketing Automation

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GM Marketing

Marketing Manager

Brand Manager

CRM Manager

Loyalty Manager

Image by Austin Chan


GM Operations

State, Territory or Regional Manager

Area Manager

Senior Store Manager

Image by Heidi Fin


GM Merchandise


Category Manager

Product Development Manager

Product Manager

Assistant Buyer

Assistant Category Manager

Assistant Product Manager


Image by Annie Theby


GM Planning

Merchandise Planner

Space Planner

Demand Planner

Allocation Analyst

Inventory Analyst



Managing Director

General Manager

Chief Executive Officer

Chief Operating Officer

Chief Customer Officer

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